I am…
light that touches my skin,
anger and memory of the past,
skin that caresses the air,
shadow of my uncertainties,
thoughts that surf the body,
woman who loves life,
hope and joy,
proud of who I am.


Hidden tensions,
they are born of thin vortices
without prisons.
Emotions under the skin
caress the soul.
Fluid movements
they flow into the sea,
far from uncertainties.
Waiting Lives …
for the hope
of a dream.

(You and I)

You and I
You sweet thought
that you travel in the twilight,
be light in my footsteps.
You suffering agony
of a broken love,
caress my breath.
You deafening silence
catch my attention,
wrapping me with memories.
You rose of the desert
hidden in the dunes,
you’re rock in the wind.
You lovable breath
you are feathers in the wind,
you make me light.
You and only you
you are love and hope,
just me.


Blossom flower
bloody pure soul.
Aspire the wings and breathe
Through the soul.
Untie the knots,
caress the heart
and blow away
I sell cold
of distant seas.
It blows loudly
and defeat the storm.
Embrace yourself,
in a sea of tears
and of joy.
Open your eyes
and you will be yours.


Strong and disarming
it’s your fearless look.
The light shines in your eyes
that reflects in your path.
Curved lines,
they are your paths
full of liveliness.
Thoughts move
in the jagged fog.
Courage and obstinacy
they come together in hope.


Notes of elegance
they flow on your skin.
Stormy light
turn on the sound of harmony,
that whispers hope within you.


Moments, thoughts and warmth
fluendi in the veins,
full of energy …
Bodies covered with sweetness
they caress themselves in the air
Without words it is my mind,
covered with emotions.
Now I breathe fresh air
while I look at the past
and the present live moments of joy.


I met the one who spoke in the sun,
I saw reality in man,
simplicity and respect for others.
The estimate was mutual
in observing his soul.
Who am I and who are you ?!
I do not know what I’ll be,
be yourself
it is perhaps an excellent choice
or a sacrifice ?!
The sun shines
and a ray pervades me,
intent on listening
a breath of air.
My heart plays love.


Sighs in the crystalline notes of the sky,
dreaming of a flash of sun
that shines with hope.
Embrace the poem
of a moment that was.